Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Keep your eyes wide open and you find what you`re looking for

It`s almost 11pm and instead of resting after my day at work, I`m sitting at the computer alone in the office, about to create "just few more" AIESEC documents. Sounds familiar? Haha.. :)

I`ve just finished replying on the mails of my friends and browsing on all the blogs of you, my friends and I have nothing else to say than just - wow! Wow guys to all of you who have the courage to share your thoughts, experience, photos, your ups & downs, mostly so far away from home.. Your stories are so powerful and so inspirational. About time to update my blog and try to make it as intereting reading as yours ones is. And thanks to all of you who are writing me your great mails, you can`t imagine how much does it mean to me.

Keep your eyes wide open and you find what you`re looking for.. Today I was searching for inspiration. And I`ve found it in your words. Yet so far away, you, my friends are always here with me.

Thank you for all your support and take a good care of yourself. Wherever you are! :)


Kamil - half Moroccan, half Polish said...

thanks for quick reply!
i feel really flattered:)

btw, isnt blogging something great??? i love doing it!:)

hausi said...


Lubka said...

velmi inspirujuce citanie, docitala som az do konca:)

hausi said...

dakujem Lubka, vazim si tvoj comment. pa, p.